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LIFE is full of suprises what if u fall in love with ur best friend ex!!!
would u express ur feelings and have difficulties with ur friend
or u would hide ur feelings to preserve the friendship?!!!

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huo utakuwa si urafiki ,utamchukuaje alikuwa mtu wa rafiki yako?yaani kama ni rafiki wa kweli , kwanza kuna kitu kuheshimiana !!hizo feeling zako ziweke kapuni!!!haifai nasema hafai
Au la iba lakini usiamie!.. Kuiba sunha inaonesha still unajali.
I would say ya it might but if u really like da guy and ur friend will let u if she was really ur friend
next tym will tell u wht to do
kwa kweli haipendizi hata kidogo. Hayo si mapenzi bali ni taamaa, je rafiki yako unafikiri atakuwa anakufikiriaje, that is not issue
Why Not? After all They are X's!... May be after a short while of their separation, I will allow them to work their things together and if it don't work, I'll give inn and try my best shot... "what wont work for him might work for me" its all about trial and error kinda thing...this Love is very complicated..

I blv it is okay to date anyone as long as they are not in any type of love-commitment,
hahaha! this real amaizn me, actualy if always to find true love is thru ppo around ya, u wont pick a person on da street n' eventually fallin in love, so my point is its obvious to fall in lv,bt with ua ex's friend?????? c'mon its still luv it doesnt matte atall,although its abit troublin when u three guys met huh!!! if its damn wrong what else should i find true luv apart 4rm it aiseee bwana najiengage hivyohivyo.
If u thnk u can find luv n happines wit uer friend's x then go for it but in return prepare to loose friend afterward!..
it is not all...
your friend would get an impression you where hitting out even when they were togather or it creates an impression you were lusting for what your friend had en you may not even continue being best friends... i mean how does your friend feel when you are togather en then she or he come around...? uncomfortable!!! i mean get yourself another person instead
It doesn't make sense todate the ex of ur best friend.
No no no that's very bad


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