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Mom, I Have A Secret - I'll whisper it in your ear

Mom, I've got a secret
But I'm not sure if I'm ready to tell
When I whisper it in your ear
Please don't say I'm going to hell

Please treat me like your daughter
I need to know that you accept
Don't make me think that the truth
Is a secret I should've kept

Maybe you'll still love me...
I'm just letting my hopes get too high
But I'm not sure how long I can keep this up
There is hurt with every lie

Maybe if I tell you
You'll join me in silence this year
This secret is so hard to let out
It's your hate that I fear

Will you still love me?
Or will things between us change?
I know that once I tell you
Your views about me will be rearranged

Before I share my secret
I wanna know what you'll do or say
So let me ask you this question;
Mom, will you still love me if I'm gay?

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yeah,dont worry ,we'r together always

 i'll kill be4 u latest word said.....

don,t worry tell you mother we are together



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